Whether you are someone who is looking for closure to an emotionally traumatic event, a business looking for a background check on an applicant, or a government entity needing assistance in an investigation; Central has a comprehensive Private Investigations division. We offer services to businesses, government entities, and to private citizens who will require services from a private agent. 

Civil Investigations


Have a contract in place with some other business? Do you suspect that the former business owner is still running services that they agreed not to provide competition on?


Have you had an agree with someone for services and they didn't hold up their end of the agreement leaving you in debt and nothing to show for it? 


Having those "what if" thoughts can be mentally stressful. Beginning an investigation can be a very big decision. But if you need answers, then those answers we will get for you and bring closure and resolution to your situation. 

Criminal Investigations


Criminal Investigations have an elements that need to be prooved. With our experience as Law Enforcement Officers, this can be done in a timely and efficient manner by our familiarity with state laws and statutes. 


Prooving elements can be a process. If you believe that you may have been a victim of a crime but are unsure, then we can help you. We will look at all facts to your case and advise you what state and federal laws have been broken. 


During the process of this investigation, once a criminal element is found, we will bring in the proper authorities into the matter to have proper charges filed against the people who need to be brought to justice.

Workers Compensation/Fraud Investigations


Workers Compensation fraud is a billion dollar industry in the United States. You work hard for your benefits for someone else to take them from you. Let us help. 


We will uncover the fraud and save you money in the process by avoiding future claims with the person that may be fraudulently taking your funds for a false claim. 



Company Background Checks


You have invested a lot of time and money into your business. Let us identify the people who you are thinking about hiring into your workplace to make sure they are the quality person they seem to be. 


Theft, fraud, and deception are key ingredients to making a business fail. At a low cost, we can help you with these decisions by accurately doing a background examination on your applicant. Once we have our investigation complete, we will give you our results for your consideration.

Other Investigations:


*Accident Investigations

* Child Custody Investigations

* Employer Policy Investigations

* Evidence Collection

* Fraud Investigations

* Missing Person Locating

* Scene Processing

* Skip Tracing

* Surveillance

* Audio and Video Recorded Statements

* Witness Interviews

* Written Statements

* Written Statement Transcription

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