Buying Security Products online vs. Authorized Dealers


Most people would prefer to buy products online without dealing with a sales person or a dealer. For someone that is buying "Gray Market", buyer be aware. We are trained in our profession in dealing with security equipment. Although a dealers prices may significantly be higher, and pay for installation; buying gray market will have draw backs for someone who is novice to this technology. When we build a system, or choose a brand to sell to our customers, we generally look for the following:

1. Will the equipment offer longevity so you don't have to replace equipment every 2, 3 or 5 years. We want you to be able to get the most out of your system.

2. Is it serviceable? Will any of our technicians, or any technician for that matter be able to work on your equipment and troubleshoot if needed?

3. User Friendliness! Will our customers be able to use the equipment with ease?

4. What kind of track record of reliability does the equipment offer? We want to be able to offer name brand equipment to our customers as the customer service backed by the equipment manufacture is iron clad!

What you don't get when you buy online and install the equipment yourself:

1. Insurance companies won't honor insurance discounts unless you have a certificate of installation from a certified installer.

2. Accredited technicians to service your equipment when something goes wrong. You are often left on your own to try and replace your equipment.

3. Installations that are done to code and may have problems when it comes time to sell or purchase a home or business with improperly installed equipment.

4. Benefits that dealers can provide their customers with good service plans or good customer service.

At Central Intel Services / CommStar, our customers come first and will try every avenue to make sure the customer is happy with their equipment and the service they get.

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