Choosing a Security System Dealer Checklist

Security System Dealer Selection Checklist

Answer these questions to make an informed choice:

  1. Is the security system company national, regional or local?

  2. Is the security system company part of a national dealer program with high-quality, premium products?

  3. Does the security system company specialize in residential and commercial security?

  4. Will the security system company provide at least three references from current customers? What are the names of these references?

  5. How do references rate the security system company in the following areas:

  • Professional installation

  • User training

  • Repair service timeliness

  • Monitoring services

  • Overall customer service after the sale

  • Fulfillment of promises made at the point of sale

  1. Is the security system company licensed to install security systems in your area?

  2. What kind of security system warranties are provided?

  3. How many wireless security systems has the company installed? How many hardwire security systems?

  4. Does the security system company have a referral program?

  5. What will the sales/installation process entail?

  6. How many people will perform the security system installation and what kind of identification will they have?

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