BBB Accredited

We have now taken great measures to Central Private Police to ensure that you are receiving quality service. Now we have a whole new set of standards to live up too. The BBB is now accrediting us with trustworthy services to our customers.

This being said, When you hire us, you can rate our service. Rest assure, that when you are dealing with our company, we try to put the best possible person in that position. We have a thorough screening process for officers and guards, but there are a few of them that sneak through the cracks. This being said, our policies are in place that the officer is to be at work on time, ready to work, presentable, and to the best of their abilities.

This always has been and always will be our philosophy to fulfill our customers needs for security. Just like every company, I place my trust in these guys. Not everyone is going to pan out in this company the way we had intended. But we always will continue to lead by example with in this company and will always work to ensure that you have a good person in your post.

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